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Unlimited mileage
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General conditions      (Condiciones en español)
  • The vehicle may be driven only by the authorized renter or other persons here indicated and provided that such persons be at least 25 years old and have a regular driving license for a minimun of one year.
  • The renter undertakes to keep the vehicle closed and locked when not in use.
  • The renter can never sell the vehicle, its equipmen, or tools. Any infraction of these undertakings empower the lessor to demand return of the vehicle inmediately, whithout being-required to justify such action or make anypayment whatsoever.
  • The renter undertakes that the vehicle will not be used:
    1. To push or tow any other vehicles, traller or any other rolling object.
    2. In races or any competition.
    3. By anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    4. For illegal purposes or carriage of goods.
    5. Not carrying more passengers than permitted by the licence or paid carriage of such.
  • The lessee achnoweledges that the renter vehicle is in good condition an that the five tyres are also and without punctures. In the envent of damage to any of them by any cause other than normal wear, the lessee agrees to replace the same forthwith at his expense with the tyres of the same dimensions and in equivalent state of wear.
  • The trip recorders and conectors are sealed but if tampered with, the rental will be paid on the basis of 300 Km. Per day independently of prosecution for fraudulent use.
  • The rental and prepayment are determined by the applicable rate list and payable always in advance.
  • The renter remains solely liable for trafics fines, reports and official statements drawn up against himself.
  • In the case of an accident caused by negligence of the driver , client is liable to pay TEDI AUTOS S.L. the amount corresponding to insurance-excess on the model of car that is been rented.
  • An interest of 2% per month will apply if your payment is overdue.
  • We declared that the car is rented for the period and prices mentioned above and under the conditions specified on the back of this contract. I allow TEDI AUTOS S.L. to charge all relevant costs and extras (possible traffic fines, parking tickes etc.) to the credit card "on file" as payment for this rental agreement. An iventual change of rental time can only be made with TEDI AUTOS S.L.
  • INSURANCE: Only drivers approved by TEDI AUTOS S.L. are entitled to the status of being insured. The renter must always protect the interest of the lessor.
    1. Report to TEDI AUTOS S.L. withing 24 hours any accident, theft or fire.
    2. To incluse in the report circumstances, date, place, all details, etc.
    3. EXCLUSIONS: There is not insurance coverage for:
      1. Any driver not holding a valid drivers licence.
      2. Carried clothing or other articles are not covered.
      3. The car is insured only for the lenght of the rental stated on the contract.
      4. Damage to the vehicle resulting from poor or uneven roads is on lessees account.
      5. TEDI AUTOS S.L. declines all responsability for injury to third parties or damage to the vehicle which the lessee may cause during the rental period if the has wifully supplied TEDI AUTOS S.L. with false information as to his identity, address, etc.
  • PETROL: Is entirely at customers expense, super octane to be used. The lessee must make a standing check of the oil, water levels as well as the gearbox level.
  • MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR: Normal mecanical wear is on the account of TEDI AUTOS S.L. Repairs may be made only with the written consent and according with the intruction of TEDI AUTOS S.L. the repair is acepted by TEDI AUTOS S.L.
  • VEHICLE OF THE CONTRACT: No amendments of terms and conditions of this contract are valid unless reduced in written.
  • APLICABLE LAW: The present contract will be registred and interpreted according to the spanish laws and any question regarding the signing of this contract can only be submitted to the judge in Malaga.
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